Mahler Symphony No. 3,

Horn 4

Wagner's Das Rheingold Prelude, Horn 8
Eli Epstein performs and then explains how to approach and master this challenging excerpt both technically and artistically. Available on iTunes.

Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Movement III, Horn 4

Eli Epstein

Beethoven Fidelio Overture,

Horn 2

Mahler Symphony No. 1,

Horn 2

Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Trio, Horn 2

Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Horn 2

Beethoven Symphony No. 7, Movement I, Horn 2

Breathing and Breath Support

Breathing and breath support form the basis of everything we do on brass instruments. It's amazing how easily other aspects of brass technique fall into place when the body is comfortable, and breathing and breath support are healthy and strong. This video explains in concrete terms fundamentals of breath support that will improve your brass playing immediately. 


Radical Practicing

​In musical practice, our minds constantly need new angles to stay interested and 

​attentive. An old fashioned notion is to repeat and repeat until we get it right. The mind hates this method. Here are some creative and effective practice strategies to deeply learn Richard Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel horn solo.

Relaxation Before Performance 

​Here, I demonstrate a brief but effective routine to reduce muscular tension and center before a performance, audition, rehearsal or practice session. The audio track can be used to guide musicians with eyes closed into a state of deep relaxation and centeredness. I've been practicing this routine regularly for over 28 years. The evocative sound track is by David Darling, with his kind permission. Try it out!

MRI Horn Videos: Pedagogy

Informed by Science

I'm excited to launch the MRI Horn YouTube channel with Peter Iltis, Ph.D. These videos contain much of the material Peter and I have presented at International Horn Society Conferences in Los Angeles and Ithaca. In them you will find astonishing MRI films of the inner movements of elite horn players, such as Stefan Dohr and Sarah Willis. We discuss how the data on the elite horn players, tested at the Max Planck Institute in Gottingen, informs how we can teach optimal biomechanics to our students and apply them to our own playing. Peter and I will add more videos to this channel as experiments continue and data come in.

Episode 1: Introduction to the RT-MRI Horn Project

This video provides background for the RT-MRI Horn Project. It covers basics related to RT-MRI technology, as well as fascinating illustrations of its use in studying horn pedagogy. Watch Sarah Willis take a full breath from three different MRI views!

Episode 2: The Role of the Tongue and Jaw in Pitch Placement

This episode features RT-MRI films depicting the way that the tongue and jaw are utilized by elite horn players in producing different notes throughout the range of the horn. Teaching tips are provided that incorporate the mechanical principles used by elite players into useful practice strategies. Check out what finger-breathing looks like in RT-MRI at around 24:00!

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Horn Playing from the Inside Out:


With over 14,000 views, Eli Epstein, veteran second horn of the Cleveland Orchestra and author of Horn Playing from the Inside Out, demonstrates how Keith Underwood's methods of breath management can simplify technique and benefit brass players in immediate and lasting ways. Finger-breathing techniques can streamline how we change the size and shape of the oral space resulting in more ease, control and naturalness when we play brass instruments. Hear Epstein play Mahler, Shostakovich and Strauss excerpts as he explains these methods.

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NEC Preparatory School Brass Studies

Eli Epstein, Brass Chair, and members of the New England Conservatory Preparatory School's brass faculty talk about the program and performance opportunities available to middle and high school brass players.

Eli Epstein: Orchestral Excerpts for Low Horn

Acclaimed in the International Horn Society's Journal as "a sonic paragon, a rubric worthy of emulation by student and professional alike," and in HornWorld as "a perfect sequel to (Krebiehl's) original horn excerpts CD."