Eli Epstein

"This workshop has done wonders for my playing, and has opened my eyes to a side of horn playing I didn't know existed. My attacks, intonation, tone quality, and accuracy have improved 100%." 

​"I had a great experience here, and I loved the group atmosphere--this was a safe space to experiment with ideas and be challenged in my playing."

"A very intense but incredibly helpful experience in which I gained skills I could not have learned anywhere else."

​"I was surprised by how much I improved in the course of four days and even within a 20-minute solo workshop. I was also amazed by how much I saw others improve in front of my eyes..."

Information about the Epstein Horn Track can be found if you click the "Sample Curriculum" tab on the Berklee/Boston Conservatory Brass Program page, accessible through the link directly below. 

"One of the most informative, surprising musical experiences I've had."

"The most amazing experience is when you're pushed to the limits!" 

"After this week, I have redefined hope, and a clear strategy for my high register playing."

​"The MRI presentation not only blew my mind, but also changed my views on how we play the horn."

​"Eli used as a teaching point whatever technical aspect a performer's playing brought to light. It was immediately gratifying to hear how corrections which were suggested were immediately helpful."

"Mr. Epstein's positive attitude and encouraging teaching style, along with his organized approach to all aspects of the horn, made this an excellent learning experience for me." 

"Eli is funny, graceful, patient and, in a subtle, conversational way, imparts LOADS of advice."

And here is a link to 2018 (last year's) schedule:

"I just wanted to say thanks once more for this wonderful workshop...It really was so inspirational and so wonderful to be part of such a positive and supportive environment...I feel we all were able to take so many more risks--in our "perfection-free zone" --and find out how much more fun and rewarding that is, for both performer and listeners. I'm still amazed by how good it all felt, going back to what it used to and should be like...I received so much more than I ever expected...so much of it in my head and in my heart." 

Eli Epstein 

Horn Track

Berklee/Boston Conservatory

Brass Program 

June 24-28, 2019

​The Berklee/Boston Conservatory Brass Program is a perfect opportunity for students from any musical background to explore the world of brass performance. The Horn Track (taught by Eli Epstein) is specifically designed to strengthen your horn technique, musicianship and performance skills in a short time. By the end of the program, you will be able to draw on a solid approach to all technical aspects of horn playing and perform with enhanced expressiveness and confidence. You will have the opportunity to take in faculty performances, perform in large brass ensemble, and experiment with contemporary brass concepts and improvisation. The MRI Horn films will be presented!

Who should apply? High school (15 and older),  collegiate horn players, and adult enthusiasts serious about developing their artistry.