Eli Epstein

Horn Playing from the Inside Out, Third Edition

​"Without a doubt the most physiologically correct book ever published on horn playing. Epstein presents a pedagogy that is truly informed by science, with new insights that should not be ignored."

John Ericson 
Editor Horn Matters
Horn Professor, Arizona State University
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Horn Matters review of the third edition.

"...Many of the ideas that Eli posited in the past were really quite accurate and have been supported by the evidence afforded by the MRI project. Eli's willingness to adapt to new information provided by our research in Germany presents a stellar example of how a true master teacher continues to grow. This book, I believe, will be another classic."

Peter Iltis, PhD
​Professor of Horn and Kinesiology
Gordon College
Chief Investigator, MRI Horn Study

"Horn Playing from the Inside Out" deconstructs brass playing and presents specific methods to improve technique, musicianship, practicing, audition taking, managing performance anxiety and expressing authentic emotion through sound. Warm-ups and daily exercises are presented and explained. The final section, "Applying the Method," puts it all together with step-by-step instructions on how to master challenging orchestral excerpts both technically and artistically.

Third edition of print book available from Pope Repair or Osmun Music ($19.95) in North America and Paxman Musical Instruments in Europe.

First edition e-book available from iTunes ($9.99)

For an introduction to the book, watch Epstein's YouTube video: Horn Playing from the Inside Out: Finger Breathing.

And...Epstein and Iltis's YouTube video: MRI Horn Videos: Pedagogy Informed by Science, Episode 2: The Role of the Tongue and Jaw in Pitch Placement

"An overwhelmingly stimulating and productive treatise...which will yield positive influence on legions of horn players--students and professionals alike."

~Peter Kurau, Horn Professor, Eastman School of Music

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"One of the most substantial and significant horn method books to be published in years."

~John Ericson, Horn Professor, Arizona State University

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"Horn Playing from the Inside Out approaches even the most challenging techniques from a very matter-of-fact, can-do perspective, which is infectious! With this book, Mr. Epstein has gone a long way towards taking the mystery out of horn technique."

~James Boldin, 

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"Eli Epstein's creative, personal approach to horn pedagogy and music making is both innovative and inspiring. His passionate, detailed approach has the power to excite us to practice more intelligently and explore music more deeply."

~Jennifer Montone, Principal Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra; Horn Professor, Curtis Institute of Music

"Clear, concise information on how to play music on a brass instrument. Highly recommended for all trombonists."

~Ralph Sauer, Veteran Principal Trombone, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"With this book, Eli Epstein offers a terrific window into his philosophical and practical approach to playing music. Whether you are a beginner or professional, information here can help make your playing better...This is an absolutely terrific resource: All brass players should have this wonderful new book at the top of their practice stacks."

~Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet, Cleveland Orchestra

"Eli Epstein's exceptionally artistic and consistent playing has been a real joy for me to hear for many years. His success as a teacher is well-known. Now through this great new book, a much wider audience will be able to put his methods to work. Bravo, Eli!"

~Richard King, Principal Horn, Cleveland Orchestra

"In these pages, Eli Epstein shares thoughts that flow from his distinguished professional experience and deep reflection about his art. Epstein is a master teacher and innovative musician who thinks outside the box."

~Randy Gardner, Veteran Second Horn, Philadelphia Orchestra; Professor of Horn, Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

"Eli Epstein's understanding of horn playing, as taught to me...yields amazing results for horn players of all levels...so that we are free to be expressive and imaginative musicians."

~Ethan Bearman, Horn, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Mr. Epstein's book is the new Kopprasch. This is an approach that covers every aspect of brass playing in a way that's systematic, easy to understand and easy to apply. When I approach my instrument using Epstein's positive, effective techniques, I find myself more confident, more creative, and much more at ease in my chair."

~Robert Rearden, Second Horn, National Symphony Orchestra